Please note: PBBooking has been discontinued.

As of February 2018 we made the decision to discontinue PBBooking. Joomla extensions proved to be a non viable business model and I needed to take work elsewhere to pay bills. Support will be provided to users with current subscriptions until the end of those subscriptions.

There are no plans to support Joomla versions beyond Joomla 3.8.



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Hi Folks,

Welcome to the July update from Hot Chilli Software.

I’ve been steadily working away on development of PBBooking version 4 and I’m pleased to say development is coming along nicely. At this stage I am hoping to have an early release out for new users late July or early August with a 4.1 shortly after that.  The 4.1 release will include migration scripts from PBBooking version 3.

The biggest changes implemented to date include:

The new ajax based, modern, view (you can check a bit more out about it here: Hot Chilli Software: June Update)

Improvements to the way cron jobs are handled to automajically add your cron jobs to a linked EasyCron account. (read more about it here:Streamlining the Cron Setup in v4)

Decoupling the recurring events logic into a plugin and creating a modular way of adding plugins to enhance the functionality. (check our more here: PBBooking v4 Development Update – Modularising Recurring Appointments)

If you build sites for clients you’ll really like point 3.  The goal of decoupling a lot of the non-core logic is to make it easier to add client specific functions and change workflows without having to hack PBBooking files that are overwritten on updates.

I am planning to release the recurring events plugins in version 4 which will be the same functionality as the recurring events in v3, but with the addition it will now be available in the front end management module. In 4.1 I will release a plugin for adding options to services that can either increase the time or cost.  I would like to see this sneak into version 4.0 if possible, but I’m keen now to delay 4 any longer.

The final goal for v4 is to make the google cal sync truly two way. If you are using Google Cal sync already you will know that events created in PBBooking need to be edited / deleted in PBBooking and the same with Google Cal. I really want to take advantage of the new Google Calendar Push Notifications ( to allow you to properly manage events from whichever platform you prefer.

I also now have a Facebook page! So head over to to keep up dated with what is going on. I usually try to post something here ever week to help keep you in the loop.

Finally if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or just want to say hi, hit me up in the comments or on Facebook.