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There are no plans to support Joomla versions beyond Joomla 3.8.



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Just a quick update for everyone this week on development for the v4 release.

Firstly, the manage diaries and the front end management module have been merged together. The back end manage diaries function will now be provided by the old Front End Management module which has now been moved into the administrator section of the site.

For subscribers the Front End Management Module will still be available, it will now just be a wrapper around the administrator module.

This means that ALL diary management functions will now be available through both front end and back end. The module will function identically on both sections of the site allowing you to create, delete, and update events through either back or front end. This includes creating recurring events; this was previously only available through the back end.

Consolidating the code between the front and back end diary management now means I can write dairy management features once and have them available whether you prefer to use the back end OR front end.

The first small, but significant, improvement is a proper bootstrap popover on events in the diary.

One really common request was to make it possible for users to see the details of events without having to open the full event edit / view dialog. This has now been solved.

The jQuery UI based modals and date and time pickers have now also been swapped out. I am using the very cool Pickadate library for date and time picking. Check it out here ( This great library provides a nice light weight date and time picker that looks far sexier than the jQueryUI date time picker. It also supports the old Bootstrap 2, used by Joomla and Bootstrap 3 along with multi language support including Farsi.

By popular request I have used this across ALL date and time entries! This means that you no longer have to enter dates and times manually and standardises date and time entry formats in all locations. Shifts and trading hours used two different time formats 

I have also streamlined the trading hour entry on initial setup by adding an Apply to All button. I always found having to enter the same times for each day frustrating when setting up new sites. Maybe I’ve just got a short fuse!

Finally this week I have completely replaced the knockout.js library with Angular all the way through. This won’t make a lot of difference to anyone as it is an “under the covers change”. I liked (and still do like) knockout.js, but I really like the array of third party plugins with angular that make it possible to easily do really cool stuff! The new modals for example are tightly integrated with angular.