Please note: PBBooking version 4 requires PHP 7.0+ due to a dependency on Twig v2.  If you do not have PHP 7.0+ emails (including validation emails) will NOT be sent to clients and the booking process will not advance.  If you are running PHP < 7.0 please install PBBooking version 3.2.x.

PBBooking v3.2.x is available at the bottom of the downloads page.


Please note: PBBooking has been discontinued.

As of February 2018 we made the decision to discontinue PBBooking. Joomla extensions proved to be a non viable business model and I needed to take work elsewhere to pay bills. Support will be provided to users with current subscriptions until the end of those subscriptions.

There are no plans to support Joomla versions beyond Joomla 3.8.



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Versions: 4.0

PBBooking version 4 is published as a package which means it includes all the needed libraries, components, plugins, and modules to function. Depending on whether you downloaded the free version, or the subscriber version, will determine which modules and plugins are provided with the core component.

The PBBooking installer can be downloaded from the Downloads page. Click on the version you wish to download and then choose either the free or the subscriber download. If you have a subscription ensure you are logged in to download.

Please note: If you are running a version of PHP less than 7 ensure you download PBBooking 3.2.15. PBBooking 4+ WILL NOT work on older versions of PHP due to a dependency on Twig 2.

Once you have downloaded the relevant version login to your Joomla website and go to Extensions -> Install to install. Just drag and drop the zip file or click browse for file.

Publishing the Menu Item

Once you have installed PBBooking you will need to publish a menu item. To do this go to the Joomla menus, hover over the menu you would like to publish a new menu item on and click and new menu item.


Name the menu item as you would a normal Joomla menu item and then click the Select button next to the Menu Item Type input.

In the resulting modal window expand the Purple Beanie Online Booking accordian and then choose your preferred menu item type. There are three to choose from:

  1. Front End Self Service Interface - this provides a menu item that shows the logged in users appointments (based on the email address entered when creating the appointment) and allows them to delete the appointment if it matches the cancellation notice.
  2. PBBooking v4 Default Booking Layout - this is a new layout created for PBBooking version 4. It features a single page ajax based view. For more information see the blog post here:
  3. Standard PBBooking Layout - this is the older legacy view layouts that are non ajax enabled and tabular based layouts.

If you are using PBBooking for the first time you will most likely want either layout 2 or layout 3.

Once you have chosen your layout and entered a menu title just click Save & Close. The menu item will now be available on the front page.